When I ask a question, the tutor would always guide me through to possible answers instead of giving me an answer immediately.
I would recommend Corpus to any people who are keen to learn Mandarin.

– G. T., Edexcel IGCSE Mandarin A*

Corpus’s cross-cultural learning methodology enhances core comprehension skills and develops natural language expression by deepening clients’ knowledge of Chinese culture

learning methodology

  • Business Mandarin
  • Examination Certification
  • Cultural Understanding

Selecting the appropriate course, organising a study plan, resource identification, one-one tutor sessions, class timing flexibility. Materials are clear, concise and relevant.
I appreciate a very patient, professional, intelligent tutor that anticipates student needs and so is able to adjust the course on the fly according to progress and immediate needs.

– V. T., Entrepreneur & Senior Investment Advisor

​Corpus’s language consultancy employs highly-effective language learning processes so becomes a key partner in our clients’ language learning journey.

Language consultancy

  • Accurate Language Level Evaluations
  • Tailored Learning Approach
  • Business Document Translation

Corpus’s Smart Platform constantly scans and evaluates new applications that may enhance students’ learning experience. Those that meet our exacting standards make it to our ‘Smart Platform’: one convenient location with the best learning resources.

What I found most valuable about Corpus’s service are topic based conversation, pronunciation practice and also some aspects of chinese cultural background.
I must say that I am super satisfied by the teacher’s engagement and pedagogic skills.

– A. D-M., Multinational General Manager

Smart  Platform

We also understand business executives want to learn anytime, anywhere that’s convenient. To cater for this need we are developing a virtual ‘smart coach’ to address personalised learning ‘on-the-go’.

My tutor has consistently tailored the classes and learning materials to my specific requirements, finding a great balance between making classes enjoyable, whilst also challenging enough to make sure I get the most out of them and keep improving. I have been very impressed with my tutor’s professionalism and enthusiasm, combining pure language learning with detailed cultural insights, which has been extremely interesting and beneficial.

– S. N., Senior Manager at an International Publishing House